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"...dove non vi è più alcuna triste attesa, gelosia o egoismo, nessuna paura da reprimere, né ansie da sedare: solo un luogo in cui la realtà non può entrare, per poter conservare ancora intatti i sogni e dove memorie lontane nel tempo si ricongiungono nell'inconscio come amanti affini, tra le spire infinite del loro dolce oblio".

domenica 9 agosto 2009

Left Out

Huddled in the corner
My lifeless stare is fixed
On your silhouettes
You’re disregarding me
Passing me by
Like I’m not even here
Maybe I’m not
Maybe I’m somewhere else

I used to be one of you
With the same spark in my eyes
And now I don’t belong to this place
It’s a matter of merciless time
I wholly vanish

The candle guttered out
The beauty elapsed
Could’ve been so wonderful


One day we could’ve met
And believed
We might live that way
Far away from the din
Envious looks
And chase for the prize
We would have remained ourselves
Without killing our feelings
Day by day

One day we could’ve won
Without taking away
Someone else’s pride
We would have become strong
Walking through our life side by side

We could’ve missed another day
Not knowing how to talk
Where to go
We could’ve missed another night
Only... For what?

The dream went away
And you came
With your dark hair loose
Ruthless cold reality
Oh, how I hate your truth
Don’t turn your back this time
Just look at my eyes
I won’t break down
I’m going to fight

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